Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flood Update

Isaac took this picture of the bridge-covered stream out back beyond our property boundaries which connects to a pond. It is normally a small bubbly brook, about ankle deep, but the heavy rains and flooding have turned it into a dangerous waterway.
One casualty was reported in MA of a NH man who apparently attempted to drive through a flooded street and was overcome in his vehicle. So sad. Many areas continue to be covered by water, some streets remain impassable, and hundreds of homes and business have sustained serious damage. May God help them.
Our basement is still wet, one of the pitfalls of owning an older home. The walls in the cellar are made of stones, not very well mortared, which makes it like a giant sieve. Leaks in the porch roof, leaks in our bedroom ceiling. Lots of repairs to make. Thankfully it is not the middle of winter and we will have many months in which to work on restoration before the cold weather hits again.
We woke to the first sunshine in over a week this morning. What a blessing to view a blue rather than steel gray sky overhead for a change. The lilacs are blooming profusely now and I'm happy for a day in which I can finally venture outdoors to stand in silent meditation while inhaling their heavenly aroma. Ecstasy. I bring armfuls in to arrange in vases around the house along with smaller bouquets of lily-of-the-valley. Purple violets blanket the lawn punctuated by the bright yellow heads of dandelions in a delightful array of color. The Lord is glorified within the power and beauty of His creation, whether it be a rushing river or a delicate flower, and as always, the sights and smells of spring lift my spirits and renew hope in my heart!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a reprieve after all the rain to have sunshine & blue sky. Just refreshingly beautiful. The first thing I did Tuesday after the sun came out was to get a bunch of lilacs to bring in. I figured the deer ticks must of been washed away after all that rain.
What a great picture Isaac took, & I love the vase of lilacs. So glad you didn't have greater damage.
Love to you all, Jane

6:16 PM  
Blogger The Bradshaws said...


So glad y'all have escaped bad damage and injury.

The lilacs down this way are past blooming, so I envy you; lilac is one of my favorites, and I made sure we put one out last year (our first year here), but wish we'd put out dozens! It didn't bloom this year, but I didn't really expect it too, being so young. But I enjoy them anywhere, even if they are not in my yard.

Mary Susan

10:24 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

I'm so glad you decided to bring some lilacs indoors to enjoy. They're gone so soon we have to delight in them as much as possible before the blossoms fade. Isaac is very good at photography and video. He has a good eye. Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Susan,
Thank you! Lilacs have always been my absolute favorite flower so I felt very blessed when the Lord led us to this property and everywhere I looked there were lilac bushes. If you lived closer, I'd give you some cuttings! :)

10:54 PM  

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