Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Day of Rest

We've had some fears this past week so today is a welcome respite. Sickness. A possible intruder. Taxes!

The Lord's gifts are magnified in times of need and this day is one of thanksgiving.....a hallowed sense of being curved into the hollow of God's hand, secure and sheltered. Heart and soul, body and mind are overcome with His presence. His Creation is alive with praise and I immerse myself into this mystery of life and rejoice at simply being here in this place in this moment in time. May these memories nourish me when I am in a dry and barren land.

It has been a chill raw day but the smell of rain on newly tilled soil has redeemed it. Dwayne is outdoors feeding the first fire in the new pit he built and the rich incense of burning leaves and brush filters into the house. The smell of chili simmering on the kitchen stove adds to the warm homey aroma of woodsmoke to create a comforting atmosphere. My desk looks out upon the back yard and I can see heavy smoke drifting lazily across the tops of the trees as their black boughs stretch skyward to receive their anointing from above. I peer out to where I can hear the muffled laughter of father and daughter and see the hot red flicker of flames through a screen of lilacs. I put on my coat, grab my umbrella and camera and venture outside to document this adventure. I get to the pit just as Anna-Rose tosses some brush onto the fire. Wet pine boughs sizzle and spark as she leaps back and squeals in mock terror.

Back indoors I think upon yesterday. I spent the afternoon planting tomato and pepper seeds. Pushing them into the moist soil with bare fingers, a deeper understanding and appreciation of the greatness of our Almighty God stirred within me.

Awareness. Reverence. JOY!


Blogger Lynn said...

Great post, Emily! Are you all healthy again? We are back to normal again, and I am so thankful!

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Emily!

Good to hear from you again and I'm so glad to hear that the negatives in your life this past week have passed without hurt or harm.

Beautiful fire pit! I thought about roasting marshmellows but I'm guessing that the fire would have been way too hot to get close to.

Well, after 2 weeks of almost summer type weather, it's chilly tonight with light snow. I just came in from feeding the woodstove in our greenhouse.

Hope your newly planted seeds do well!

May God bless!

12:11 AM  
Anonymous HolyMama! said...

a possible intruder?! you write so beautifully, emily! (now tell me what you mean about a possible intruder because i'm gettin all weird/protective for your family and anna rose.)

12:48 AM  
Blogger TNfarmgirl said...

What a beautiful fire pit! Your hubby did a terrific job....just makes me start thinking about smores :)

9:58 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments and concern for our health and safety.

We've got one of those sloooow moving viruses that infects each family member in turn. Especially frustrating in this beautiful weather. Anna's better, Isaac's is on the wane, and I just became the third victim! Dwayne has managed to escape probably because he's at work most of the day. I'm so glad you're all back to normal.

Thanks for the compliment; I'll pass it on to Dwayne and his dad. We thought of marshmallows, too, but it was a miserable rainy day and Dwayne was the only one who wanted to stick it out very long. It took him the better part of 2 hours to finally put the thing out and by then he was drenched. One of my seeds already popped up! Go away snow! :)

We're okay; it was a bit of a scare. I'll be posting about it in detail this week sometime. Thanks for the encouragement and your protective instincts on our behalf. Must be the mother in you! :)

Thank you! I'll tell Dwayne and his father what you said about the pit. He worked very hard on it. You won't believe this, but I have never had a smore. And I was even a Girl Scout! Just give me the chocolate. ;^D

5:38 PM  
Blogger Sweetpea said...

I just wanted to come by and say hi and thank you for the sweet comment that you posted at my blog!
I love your blog....
Have a blessed day!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Spotlight said...

Great stuff. Nice to have discovered this blog. Me and my friend Abhi, from India are simply wondering about the life and times of people like you. Guess, we would like to keep up in the times ahead.


8:18 AM  

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