Saturday, February 04, 2006

Long Live the Family Farm

We spent Friday afternoon at the NH Farm and Forest Expo. Talked to a variety of folks about this and that. This morning I was chagrined when I realized that I had completely forgotten to ask anyone their opinions on the NAIS! We went our separate ways as Anna-Rose chased down baby chicks and goats, I interrogated a gentleman from the state wildflower commission about pruning my lilacs, and Dwayne fell in love with a sawmill. We came home with armloads of flyers, leaflets, and pamphlets on everything from organic gardening to outdoor wood burners. And we got that great bumper sticker you see above plus a T-shirt displaying the same slogan. When my mom saw it she was reminded of a friend and her husband who just sold off part of their farmland to a developer who is now putting up 192 houses.


The biggest shame was that despite the fact that they have raised twelve children they had to do it so they would have the money to pay their taxes. It's such a blessing to see all the agrarian bloggers who are creating an inheritance for their children, as it should be.

This past week found us traipsing around to all our favorite antique shops searching for furniture to fill all the nooks and crannies. Dwayne came across a great old spinet desk which will be perfect for doing his paperwork. I needed one as well but he saw it first! We also picked up a couple of wall cupboards for storage and yet another bookcase. Let's see.....that must make about sixteen now. Oh, and a very interesting piece labeled "old locker" which fits the bill for the kitchen island we needed, and it was quite the steal. Waist high with four square doors on the front which open to reveal a shelf and drawer behind each.

This morning Dwayne was off to the dump first thing and is now hanging the storm windows on the porch. We discovered them in the basement along with screens! Now all we need is a porch swing to go with our rocking chairs. My own plans for the day include painting bookshelves, stripping wallpaper, and scraping paint from window panes. God willing, it will be a productive day for all!


Blogger JFC said...

Hey, Emily:

I noticed your comment over at Homestead Herbs' site that Blogger deleted your comment. Well, it did it to your comment at my site also, and to my response. I'm trying to get them back up from the e-mail copies that are sent to me of each comment, but it is a little weird. I think Blogger is hungry, and has to eat the occasional comment to keep itself going.

Anyway, your post described what sounds like a very interesting day (and week). I would never have thought an antique shop was the place to shop for furniture. I always thought antiques were priced for their "aged-ness" and not for their "usefulness." I guess you learn something everyday.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Well, I'm glad to got to read my comment even though Blogger gobbled it up! I spent an hour posting on my blog and commenting on others; some stuck and some didn't. Go figure!

We're not really interested in collectibles like some antique shoppers so that makes us less "picky". We do like second-hand furniture for its looks and quality and I enjoy the idea that someone else used it and loved it before. Makes it homier somehow. Maybe I'm just a romantic.

6:37 PM  
Blogger RL said...

Kelli and I like to buy useful antiques also. We decorated our cabin with some. An antique table and chairs for example. They are old but are perfectly functional. Even in building the cabin, we bought antique wood working tools that functioned just fine and were a fraction of the cost of new ones of the same types.

Speaking of Blogger glitches. Last week I posted a comment to Walter at Sugar Mountain Farm and the same thing happened. But, then it showed up later. I did send him an email with the same comment because I wanted to have it. So I don't know if he put it on or it was just floating around in cyber space for awhile.

I'm still trying to figure out all this computer stuff.


10:42 PM  
Blogger owlhaven said...

Fun Blog! Came over from HolyMama

11:45 PM  
Blogger Walter Jeffries said...

I like that bumper sticker! Regarding the dog next door in particular my best suggestion is to do good 42" high tensile woven wire fencing around your property. 2.65 acres is small enough that you could fence the entire boundry fairly easily.

I would add a high tensile electrified smooth wire at the top 6" above the fence and one on the bottom just about the ground and 2" below the fencing and 4" above the ground. In the winter with deep snow the bottom wire may be turned off. This will give you about a 54" fence.

Use a good charger, say 1.5 joules on house power. Tighten all wires with daisy strainers and use good secure corner posts. This will keep your livestock in and stray dogs out as well has helping with most predators.

Label the fence "Electric Fence" to warn off people and any animals that can read. There are inexpensive small yellow signs for that purpose from the fence companies.

Doing high tensile fencing is not very hard. Start by doing a small project like a garden to learn on. I use the twisting method of joining wire. Once you get the hang it is easy, fast and strong.

Kencove sells good fencing and I've been pleased with them. I have also bought from Premier 1 but I'm currently boycotting them for their pro-NAIS stance. I'm discussing this with Stan, their owner. Perhaps that will change, I hope so.

3:20 PM  

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