Thursday, February 16, 2006

God Is Good No Matter What

Dwayne has been the recipient of some trials this week. Early on in the week he needed to replace a very expensive piece of equipment and the very same day on the way home his Jeep blew a tie rod and died on the highway. He has two choices: replacing the engine or buying another vehicle. Thankfully he was able to use my car to travel to the jobsite a couple of days but then needed to rent an SUV to haul equipment that won't fit in my trunk. With taxes coming up, this is tough on us but the Lord is ever faithful and will see us through. He has a long record of promises kept and we have no reason to doubt that He will continue to provide as He vows in His Word.

Our long list of indoor projects is addended on a daily basis. Seems we just cross one off and another materializes to take its place. Today I've stripped the top layer of wallpaper from the bathroom and now have to spray and scrape the remainder underneath as well as scrape and sponge off the glue layer. Messy tedious work especially since the sprayer was totally uncooperative and I ended up using sponges to soak the walls. Ugh. Even wearing gloves, ugh. The Terrorist Baby helped me for quite awhile and even encouraged me when I was ready to fling the sprayer through the window after pumping it for the millionth time with no results......"Don't cry Mama." She's a terrorist but a compassionate one. The Lord often uses her to minister to me at times like this when I'm ready to throw in the towel. I just had to take a break after getting a grand total of one wall cleaned off. The wallboard at the top was disintegrating because some moisture had seeped through the ceiling at some point in the past, and it looks like some patching is in order, so I'll leave that to the expert to address this weekend. I discovered a lovely patch of mildew under one section that had me grimacing in dismay. Ugh again. Eventually we plan to gut the whole room and redo it but in the meantime a fresh coat of paint on all surfaces will do wonders.

Anna-Rose just asked to go out and play. Hopefully she won't blow away, although knowing her she'll be out there with her umbrella with the anticipation of being carried off into the clouds like Mary Poppins. We're experiencing some extremely high forceful winds today and the promised buckets of rain simply did not materialize. After an ominous slate grey morning with a few sprinkles, it became gusty with a backdrop of sunny blue skies and puffy white clouds. Wondrous thing, the New England weather. Keeps us in mind of Who is really in control. It certainly isn't the meteorologists. I'm in prayer at this very moment because of that huge hollow maple tree that is leaning frighteningly over our side porch just swaying and bowing its branches up and down in rhythm to the wind. How something that enormous can sway is beyond me. If it ever takes a tumble that side of the house will go with it.

Just checked on the terrorist and she's up to her armpits in mud out in the driveway. Having the time of her life. What a blessing it is for her to be able to do that after living the first six years of her life in an apartment. God is good, and I don't care how many boots I have to hose off or clothes I have to wash. His Creation is her playground now and I am so thankful for this place.

We've already lost power once today for an hour and I hope it stays on because I have a nice pot of bean soup bubbling away in the kitchen and hope to bake some corn muffins to accompany it for dinner. Now if I had a lovely wood cookstove........losing power would not be such an earth-shattering difficulty. Someday, Lord willing!

I'd better go and check on Anna-Rose and see if we have any limbs down in the yard. One day I opened the back door to her grinning face and an armful of saplings she had cut down. To decorate her room she explained. And of the course the bathroom awaits.........


Blogger Lynn said...

What a great post, Emily, I could just sense your emotions! Too many times I forget to set aside my cares and and responsibilities and go play with the boys. I wasn't quite as accepting of mud all over everything when we first moved here; it has a clay base, and you can grow 2 inches just by walking through it! My father-in-law from NH couldn't get over that, and even took digital photos of his shoes after walking into the house!

11:40 PM  
Blogger JFC said...


I wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten your request for guitar chords to be included on the SDG Music postings. I am still fairly unfamiliar with my music notation software (I don't use it enough to remember what I learned the previous time), and it was giving me fits when I tried to do that today.

However, I still intend to get that done for you. Thank you for being patient.


6:00 PM  
Anonymous HolyMama! said...

Saplings to decorate her room! What a cutie!

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morning Em, The one thing guaranteed in this life is that as one major breakdown happens another will follow. Invariably it is when taxes are due or vacation is around the corner. Amazingly, God equips us with blessings & wisdom in dealing with these. And we continue on into another day - month- year, & as we look back we say 'how did we do that?' One of the cutest pictures we took when the kids were small was of them playing in the mud at grampa's farm in Minnesota. Fortunately, it was summer as they were literally totally covered in mud from head to toe, all sitting together in one huge 'mud bath' they created. Only snapshots will help them revisit the past. Just think, soon Anna will be able to take wisteria branches & put them in a vase with water & they will be blooming before Easter. The joys of spring!

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Emily!

I've gone to the 'edge' with those dang pump up sprayers as well! Sounds like you and yours have been going thru some challenge times and some rewarding times---seems like that is how God has setup life on this Earth As long as you allow the rewarding times to dominate your thoughts.......

Sounds like I've got you longing for the warmth and security of a wood cookstove. There really is something comforting about sitting around a wood cookstove warming up with a cup of tea or a bowl of soup.

You got me nervous about your hollow tree overhanging your house. As a (used to be) certified arborist and a hazardous tree inspector, I'd recommend having that tree looked at and probably removed---another major expense. It literally could come thru your entire house. Would your homeowner's insurance cover the removal to prevent them from paying for major home damages?

Best wishes, great post!

Let your light shine!

1:03 AM  

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