Friday, December 22, 2006

My Poor Baby!

As I write this our sweet little Calvin is at the veterinarian's, spending the night while they run tests and keep watch over him. I'm sure some people would consider it trivial to ask for prayer for a pet cat, but I'm asking anyway. If you are so inclined, please pray for Calvin. We are fearful that he may have an intestinal obstruction. His symptoms indicate that possibility but the vet seems optimistic.
I forgot how much mischief a kitten can get into, not having had one in so many years. Yesterday he wasn't as playful as usual, then threw up in the afternoon. He spent the night in Anna's room with her, then when I went upstairs later on I found a *hairball* type mass on her floor that looked like it was full of some kind of fuzzy fabric and a small piece of rubber. Oh oh. What has this little guy eaten? All morning he just lay around sleeping, not purring when stroked as he usually does, even flinching at times as though in pain. Didn't want to eat, didn't want to drink. Not good.
After making a few calls, I found a vet who would see him on short notice. Not too far away, so that was helpful. They questioned me as they examined him and assured me that they would do as much testing as necessary to diagnose his problem. Oh oh. $$$$$$
I know some people would have just as soon have the cat euthanized but we just couldn't do that. We've only had Calvin for a week and a half but we feel like we're responsible for him, and we're already very fond of him. So........$$$$$$$
I talked to the vet around dinnertime and he gave me the rundown on what they've done so far. Gave him fluids transdermally because he was dehydrated. Gave him a dose of Amoxicillin. His fever did come down after that. Did a series of x-rays. Blood tests. Urine tests. Tried giving him some kind of nutritional ointment orally which he licked but wasn't really interested in eating. The vet didn't feel comfortable sending him home when he still wasn't eating or drinking on his own so they're keeping him overnight and I'm to call first thing in the morning to check on his progress.
I'm sure this is way to much information but I'm having a slight anxiety attack worrying about him and our finances so it helps to talk about it. If you'd rather pray for our finances than for Calvin, please do!


Blogger TNfarmgirl said...

We pray for our animals all the time - may God give you peace and the vet wisdom. And may God bless your finances and help the vet to be gracious and understanding in that area.


11:16 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

Thank you so much! I'm about to post an update...happy news! :)

12:21 PM  

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