Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring Thaw

Christina Rossetti has a special place in Anna Rose's heart.....the first verses she memorized were from 'In the Bleak Midwinter' which she recited in a Christmas pageant at church several years ago. Since then, she has learned many more poems by Rossetti, and is quite pleased to tell people that her middle name is Christina which means "follower of Christ."

Today was one of those memorable early spring days that bring us hope in the resurrection of all things. Warm, sunny, soft fresh could almost feel the life under the soil yearning to break free. Every year we are reminded that God makes all things new and that for everything there is a season. All that Christ suffered on this day so very long ago was for a purpose.....he died to give us life. How good and full of grace is our Lord to use the season of spring to remind us of His sacrifice and promise of redemption.

The Thaw Comes

Frost-locked all the winter,
Seeds, and roots, and stones of fruits,
What shall make their sap ascend
That they may put forth shoots?
Tips of tender green,
Leaf, or blade, or sheath;
Telling of the hidden life
That breaks forth underneath,
Life nursed in its grave by Death.

Blows the thaw-wind pleasantly,
Drips the soaking rain,
By fits looks down the waking sun:
Young grass springs on the plain,
Young leaves clothe early hedgerow trees;
Seeds, and roots, and stones of fruits,
Swollen with sap put forth their shoots;
Curled-headed ferns sprout in the lane,
Birds sing and pair again.

~Christina Georgina Rossetti


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